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Test and Retest: Samsung testing the focus of their new ad

When one of your flagship phones launches and then starts exploding, you have some cleaning up to do. Samsung is doing some spring cleaning themselves. Their latest TV ad shows the extensive Samsung testing...
rabbit for long distance relationships

Rabbit: Let’s watch TV alone together

Are you in a long-distance relationship? Miss watching the soaps with your Mammy back home in Ballygobackwards? Is your best buddy off living the American dream? Or are you just lazy on an idle...

Mobile World Congress 2017: What to expect from MWC 2017

2016 was an interesting year for smartphones. Samsung said "feck it" and launched an unusually explosive Note7. Apple said "feck it" and removed the headphone jack. While team Goos3D said "feck it" and gave...

Best smartphone apps

Moonlite interactive bedtime

Moonlite: Bed time for kids just got better

Somethings stay with us forever. Even now, every night before bed I personally wind down with a few pages of a book. This starts from an early age and it is something parents and...
airdates apps

AirDates love at first flight

AirDates is the world's first ever in-flight dating app. So for you lonely souls who travel a lot for work, this might pass some time in the airport. No, it's not just a mile high...
clockwise alarm clock app

Clockwise is a smarter alarm clock app

Look, waking up is horrendous whatever way you look at it. There's a new alarm clock app called Clockwise that helps get more done as you're trying to open your eyes. What makes Clockwise a great alarm...

Latest Irish tech news

dwelldown for better rental properties

DwellDown: Reduce your risk when searching for rental properties

Tenants face into countless pitfalls when looking through Ireland's rental properties. Launched at Dublin Tech Summit 2017, DwellDown has these risks firmly in their sights. The current state of renting in Ireland Ireland is in the...

The Dublin Tech Summit speakers you won’t want to miss

Dublin Tech Summit (DTS) is kicking off it's first year, filling the gap that was left by Web Summit's move to Lisbon. Off the bat, it's not in the RDS, so you'll have to...
jameson irish whiskey

Jameson have the craic with connected bottles of whiskey

Connected bottles of whiskey. You know, there's a list of thing you don't think you'll ever have to say. Connected bottles of whiskey is such a mad combination of words, that doesn't even make...

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