Tech news

Tech news

What kind of tech news do you want to hear about? We know there are plenty of websites that bring you tech news. That's why we've made Goos3D that little bit different. The number of jobs Apple brings to Ireland will have little impact on your life. Wouldn't you rather read about a new service that saves you money or shows you an easier way to get from A to B? This is the kind of tech news Goos3D brings you.

Person excercising with apps for getting in shape

6 fitness apps for getting in shape this year

As Summer closes in, we here in Ireland are hopeful that this year we may actually see a glimpse of the sun. At very...

WhatsApp status rolls out for Irish users

When was the last time you when a few days without WhatsApp? That app has changed everything about how we communicate. I have a...
Moonlite interactive bedtime

Moonlite: Bed time for kids just got better

Somethings stay with us forever. Even now, every night before bed I personally wind down with a few pages of a book. This starts...
airdates apps

AirDates love at first flight

AirDates is the world's first ever in-flight dating app. So for you lonely souls who travel a lot for work, this might pass some...
clockwise alarm clock app

Clockwise is a smarter alarm clock app

Look, waking up isĀ horrendous whatever way you look at it. There's a new alarm clock app called Clockwise that helps get more done as...