While some apps like Tinder have given us plenty of romantic headaches and the Sega Forever app has reminded us why we donated our Megadrives to the charity shop, there are plenty of apps you’ll need when you grab a new smartphone.


This great taxi-hailing app was previously known as Hailo, but has been rebranded as MyTaxi to give us an easier way to get around our cities.

With over 10,000 taxi drivers from Dublin to Limerick having signed up to use the service, it should mean that we can get to a fancy restaurant or even our place of work in a stress-free way.

And with the app including cool features like live tracking of taxis, and automatic localisation of passengers, it shows just how advanced transport apps have become.


The way we consume food has also been given a handy upgrade thanks to app technology. The Deliveroo app is a great example as it allows us to browse menus from restaurants in our local area and then order the food direct to our door.

Not only is the app fun and simple to use, but the vast choice of food options are certainly better than what we’d traditionally expect from our takeaway services.

7 Minute Workout Challenge

If you’ve overindulged on the delights of Deliveroo, then you’ll be wanting to do a little working out so as to get back in shape.

But rather than suffering the cost and stress of joining the local gym, a great alternative is to download the 7 Minute Workout Challenge app. This can help you burn off some serious calories in just about any location, and it’s perfect for a little workout on a lunch break.


For those who are too lazy to turn on the TV, then the 3Player app could be a life-saver. This handy app allows iOS and Android smartphone users to easily tune into any of the highlights from the TV3 station.

And with a simple A-Z interface that allows you to browse for your favourite programme, it shows how even our most traditional TV shows are migrating to the smaller screen.

The Floor is Lava

Following on from last year’s Mannequin Challenge, this year’s big internet craze looks to be The Floor is Lava. And thanks to the new The Floor is Lava app, you don’t even have to do yourself an injury by pretending to escape from imaginary magma. The endless-runner game takes key features of the trend and makes them into a quietly addictive diversion.

Now that you’re up and running with your new smartphone, are there any apps we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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