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We started Goos3D (pronounced goosed) to bring Ireland’s technology news to the masses. There are other sites that bring you tech news, but we aim to do it while being a bit of craic. How many jobs are coming to Dublin’s Silicon Docks? We don’t really care. We’re too distracted by the fact there’s an alarm clock app that stops us snoozing in the morning. If this sounds like the kind of technology news you’re into, keep reading – we do even more.

So first of all, Goos3D brings you Ireland’s technology news

Our bread and butter is bringing you Ireland’s latest technology news. That doesn’t mean we only bring you news from the Irish tech world. It means we only bring you what you can use. Have you ever wanted to shop on but were told they don’t ship to Ireland? No problem. We’ve covered how to order from the UK to Ireland. Even Google launched their Pixel smartphone, but nowhere in Ireland was going to sell it. We brought you a way of buying the phone from the UK. Tesla is launching their new Model 3 car, but we’re only interested in when that lands in Ireland.

members of team Goos3D
Jon, Martin and Gary of Goos3D

When we bring you Ireland’s technology news, we want to bring you news that you can relate to. We bring you tech that you can use to make your own life easier or better – always with an Irish twist. With car insurance premiums soaring, we found a free dash cam app called Nexar which could defend you in the event of a bogus claim.

But every now and then, you need to put your feet up.

Goos3D is also an Irish entertainment hub

We’re nerds, but we’re human. We love a Netflix binge just as much as you do. Have you ever spent more time searching for a show to watch than you have spent watching the show itself? We trawl through Netflix to handpick the very best shows available in Ireland so you don’t have to.

Sometimes, we even leave the house and review the latest films from the big screen. One of our team sits patiently in Australia, waiting to post the latest trailers to our Facebook page. He could die from a spider attack doing this, so you should like our page to say thanks.

We also do some mad stuff

It’s not all about the latest tech and entertainment news. In 2016 we raised over €1000 for the Irish Cancer Society with TodayFM and their Dare to Care event. The team gave up their beloved smartphones in exchange for retro Nokia phones. Turns out we’re trendsetters too. Just a few months later, rumours began to emerge that the Nokia 3310 would be relaunched.

A rare image of team Goos3D during their Dare to Care campaign. They didn’t have smartphones.

So there you have it. That’s the gist of Goos3D. If you want, you can chat with us on Facebook Messenger. Just scan this code:

Goos3D and the content held within this publication and our social media outlets only contain the thoughts and opinions of the author. Generally speaking, this probably doesn’t represent Goos3D as a whole, but again that’s really just to stop us being sued.