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Samsung Galaxy S8 annoucement

Samsung Galaxy S8: Irish Release date and rumours

Update: This article was created and updated in the lead up to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Feel free to read through it...

Test and Retest: Samsung testing the focus of their new ad

When one of your flagship phones launches and then starts exploding, you have some cleaning up to do. Samsung is doing some spring cleaning...
Samsung Note7 to be recalled

Samsung to stop selling and recall the Note7

We recently covered the launch of what appeared to be a potential "phone of the year" in the Samsung Note7. Today, the Note7 is...
Shot of the Note7 taken at Samsung's Dublin launch

Samsung Note7: Hands on at the Dublin launch event

Normally a niche smartphone, we attended the Note7 launch in Dublin recently to see if it might appeal to a wider audience. Spoiler alert:...