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kickstarter monthly june

Crowdfunded June: 6 tech Kickstarter campaigns you should back

I'm a massive fan of Kickstarter as products that come through crowdfunding already know the public needs them. I'm currently waiting patiently on the...
browsing with the best chrome extensions

The five best Chrome Extensions you should be using

A whopping 71% of Goos3D's desktop traffic is using Google Chrome. If you're in the 71%, you can use Chrome Extensions. We take a...
online security and privacy services

The privacy products and services you should know about

We live in a digital age and equally an age where online privacy has never been more important. With sites like Google and Facebook...
cloudbleed security bug from cloudflare in ireland

Irish sites possibly affected by Cloudbleed

An online security thing has happened again, and of course it has a cool nickname too. But just what this security bug and what...
rumuki keeps making a sex tape private

Rumuki: Keep making a sex tape private

If you're looking to add a little spice to your love life, little will hit the spot like making a sex tape. And sure...