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online security and privacy services

The privacy products and services you should know about

We live in a digital age and equally an age where online privacy has never been more important. With sites like Google and Facebook...
blackberry keyone

BlackBerry’s Back alright: How to get the BlackBerry KEYone in Ireland

Goos3D was started back when I worked in a phone shop. I still remember the days you'd customers bringing in bloody BlackBerrys. What an...
cloudbleed security bug from cloudflare in ireland

Irish sites possibly affected by Cloudbleed

An online security thing has happened again, and of course it has a cool nickname too. But just what this security bug and what...
bank card security with DCV

Futuristic bank card security on the way

Today, more than ever, it's important that innovation keeps bank card security ahead of the criminal world. The problem with current bank card security Nowadays, there...
zero cool from hackers - RTE hacked

RTÉ Hacked Review: “Celebrating” tech during science week

As part of Science Week, RTÉ has produced "Hacked" - a look into cyber-security and its impact on everyday users. Considering Science Week is...