If you’re a Three bill pay customer, chances are you now know you can leave your contract for free. What happens next? Don’t worry, we’re not going to leave you high and dry. Here are our three best favourite options for out of contract Three customers looking to move.

Should I leave Three?

That’s up to you. If you’ve had a bad experience with Three and just want away, then skip onto the other networks in this article. If you like Three, read on. They’ve actually been pretty cool about this whole contract change and letting people leave their contract. We kept an eye on one or two calls where customers left their contracts. They’re really smooth – once you actually got through to someone.

Your call will generally start with the agent explaining the price increase and the contract change. If you state you’re unhappy with this, they’ll move on. If you’ve been a customer for some time, you may be offered a discount to stay in contract. Again, if you say nada to that, the agent will offer you a move to SIM only.

SIM only is a lot cheaper because as the name suggests, you’re just paying for the service, not the phone. Generally, SIM only plans are for 30 days – but always double check. If you’re happy with Three and just like the freedom of not being in a long contract, then SIM only is the best option for you. You’ll continue to pay a monthly bill and get slightly better value than pre-pay.

Moving to Three SIM only

From 3 April, Three will have only one SIM only plan – Unlimited Flex Max. This plan gives you All You Can Eat Data, unlimited calls and unlimited texts. You’ll also get 2GB of data to use while roaming in Europe. All of this will set you back €30 per month.

Are you a Virgin Media broadband or TV customer too?

So you want to leave Three altogether? Not a problem, just make sure you ask Three to unlock your phone. Ireland has a great selection of Sim only plans to choose from. If you happen to be a Virgin Media customer, they are certainly worth a thought. Their introductory SIM only offer gives you unlimited calls, texts and data at €5 per month for the first five months. After that, the plan pops up to €25 per month for the same allowances. Not too bad right?

You could actually try iD Mobile

Look, I know you haven’t heard of them and don’t know anyone using them, but hear me out. iD is kind of like “I can’t believe it’s not Three”. If you never complained about Three coverage, iD is worth a month of your time. For €29 per month, you get unlimited calls, texts and data. There is a crazy special offer I’ll try and explain too, but you may need to understand the lunar calendar.

iD’s extremely misleading special offer promises six months free on their SIM only plan. What that means is, within the 18 months after you sign up, you’ll have six months where you don’t pay the €29. Does that make sense? No? Right, let’s move on.

Meteor are probably the best option

Meteor’s Super Extra 4G plan is probably more than enough for you. 15GB of data, in this world of WiFi, is quite a lot. On top of that, your usage for a rake of apps won’t count towards your 15GB allowance. So you can watch as many YouTube clips as you like and it won’t drain your 15GB. That’s pretty neat.

The plan will cost you €25 per month for the first six months. It then increases to €30 per month and is a 30-day contract. On top of the 15GB of data, you’ll get unlimited calls and texts and free EU roaming.

Of course, you could just go on pre-pay. The important thing to remember is to shop around. Make sure you’re getting the best offer for your needs.




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