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As Summer closes in, we here in Ireland are hopeful that this year we may actually see a glimpse of the sun. At very least some slightly warmer rain. Still, holiday season is just around the corner. With that the inevitable pressure to have our “beach bodies” ready. For most of us this is no easy task but thankfully, there are several handy apps for getting in shape.
Nowadays, it seems there is something to appeal to almost everybody. Unfortunately, I have yet to find one that will actually do sit ups for me. Rest assured when I do, Goos3D readers will be the first to know. In the meantime, here are some apps for getting in shape in the run-up to the Summer break.


Who is it for? The analyst.

Mine has given up on me.

As you can see, mine has given up on me.
MyFitnessPal may be one of the most recognised and widely used fitness apps for getting in shape. The iOS app provides all the tracking functions for logging your food and exercise. It gives you full mobile access to your online account. The app synchronises all updates with the website and vice versa. Additionally, it has the handy feature of displaying the nutritional information of almost all food …ever. A useful tool on the go or even for planning your weekly shop.

The upside: Chock full of features and information. This is the ultimate resource when dieting.

The downside: The Android version is split between several apps when it could all be covered in one.

30 day fit challenge workout

Who is it for? Quick fixers.

Pretty much sums it up.

The beauty of the 30 day fit challenge is that it appeals to those of us who need something to aim for. We’ve all been there, you’re going to Portugal in a month but you’ve spent the last four days on the sesh, eating three Supermacs a day. That’s where this app comes in. Giving you 30 days to complete a goal provides some structure, making this a great app for getting in shape.

Furthermore, it holds an accountability that doesn’t so much motivate as it does guilt you into a healthier lifestyle. Nevertheless, anything that results in a healthier you is worth checking out.

The upside: With 3 levels beginner, intermediate and pro there is something for every fitness level. The app actually ended up winning several awards last year including best self-improvement app on Google play.

The downside: Hard to find one. It works really well. There is, however, no step counter.

Zombies, Run!

Who is it for? Walking dead enthusiasts.

Zombie run
Because what else but zombies paint a picture of a healthy lifestyle?

Not enough apps both help you get in shape and prepare you for the apocalypse. “Zombies, Run!” however accomplishes both of those feats in spectacular fashion. Plug in your headphones. Pick your track. Do some stretches. Now prepare to flee from the undead. This app accomplishes the goal of getting fit in an easy and fun way that allows some fantasy indulgence along the way.

The upside: A novel and fun way to stay in shape.

The downside: Lacks many of the features of other fitness apps.


Who is it for? The techie.

Don’t be this person.

A widely popular app designed to be coupled with the wearable Fitbit device. This is for those of us who care about our technology just as much as health and fitness. The Fitbit connects to the app to allow one to track their daily fitness goals, keep a log of workouts and meals, have some friendly competition with friends and keep tabs on important vitals such as your heart rate.

The upside: It does everything it says on the tin. One of the most reliable and accurate apps. It also has rather interesting plans and goals to appeal to all fitness levels.

The downside: Obviously it only works fully with Fitbit products. Some users have reported trouble when syncing information to their smartphones.

Muscle Building With Kris Gethin

Who is it for? The bro’s who lift.

This . . . may not actually be part of the workout.

This app from bodybuilding.com is geared towards the serious gym goers. Those guys and girls who have muscles in places where I don’t even have places. The app is hugely popular in the bodybuilding community and hence, aims to provide a serious weight lifting regiment aimed at building skin stretching guns.

The upside: Experts have “scienced” the hell of this thing, so it can definitely benefit those who have the time and dedication for such a programme.

The downside: Due to the required experience its not for everyone. With no previous experience, it would be advisable to start with something lighter and build up to this gargantuan undertaking.

Touchfit: GSP

Who is it for? Those looking to be the next Conor McGregor or Ronda Rousey.

Georges St. Pierre
All workouts finish via stoppage or TKO.

This app is tailor-made for the growing number of UFC fanatics across the nation. Georges St. Pierre teaches you his own MMA inspired workouts. It provides an alternative to the humdrum of basic exercise while also providing challenging and diverse workouts. All workouts have been made as accessible as possible using little to no equipment and mostly body-weight exercises. As a plus, these workouts evolve to suit your needs over time.

The upside: Perfect for those looking to train in MMA. What’s more, it’s great for those who just want to experience a different way to get in shape outside of a gym.

The downside: At €4.99 with various in-app purchases required to get the full benefit, it’s a little bit more pricey than the rest.

Think you’ve overdone the working out a bit? Well, technology can help there too. There has been an increase in video GP consultations over the past year. That means you don’t even have to go to the doctor’s office for a lot of things. Instead, you can have a chat with a GP using nothing more than your smartphone. The Apple Watch has even been used as part of a study to reduce the risk of heart attacks. What a time to be alive.

So, what fitness apps are you using? Let us know in the comments below.

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