amazon alexa app available in ireland

We’ve called it already that we fully expect the voice assitants to be one of the biggest gifts this Christmas. While we’re leaning towards the Google Home Mini to prove most popular, the Amazon Echo Dot is still a fantastic piece of kit and slightly better value.

The Echo Dot just got a boost from Amazon too as they’ve finally launched official support for their Alexa powered devices in Ireland.

Buying the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot in Ireland

Up until now, in order to buy the Echo or Echo Dot in Ireland, you had no choice but to order with a virtual UK address service like Parcel Motel. Right now, that might be a little cheaper but it’s not your only option. You can now order from Amazon and get it shipped directly to your home address.

That’s a nice little improvement.

Getting the Echo Dot Setup in Ireland

Now this is where the real improvement comes. You can now download the Amazon Alexa app just like any other app. By that, I mean you simply load up the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and download your app. No more sideloading APKs or depending on the mobile site to get your Echo Dot set up.

Short and sweet, this is pretty big news for Amazon and the Irish market. Prime Video was the first time Amazon officially entered the Irish market and now they are finally supporting one of the coolest, must have, gadgets in tech.

2018 is going to be a real battle of the smart voice assistants.


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