Online shopping is more popular than ever, though Amazon Prime in Ireland has yet to really take off. This is likely owing to the fact that it’s a primarily UK based company and service, but Irish shoppers can benefit from it too.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a premium service offered by Amazon, where users pay an annual or monthly fee to the online shopping giant for a few perks. These perks include one-day delivery, discounted prices, Prime Video (similar to Netflix), Prime Music (similar to Spotify) and Amazon Pantry, for purchasing everyday groceries. is the nearest Amazon site which offers these services and Irish shoppers can use some of the services with some only available thanks to a few tricks and workarounds.

Why is Using Amazing Prime in Ireland Complicated?

As I’ve alluded to above, Amazon Prime is a UK based service. That means in order to benefit you should be living in the UK. Thankfully there are workarounds which allow you to enjoy next day shopping and discounts on selected products.

Amazon Ireland work around amazon free UK delivery to Ireland

In recent years, given Ireland’s unique geographical situation with the UK, virtual UK addresses have become increasingly popular. Delivery providers such as Parcel Motel, Parcel Wizard and most recently An Post, allow shoppers access to a virtual UK address which will ultimately route packages to your standard Irish address. This service is offered for a nominal fee.

What are the benefits of shopping on Amazon Prime in Ireland

I first tried out Amazon Prime while doing my Christmas shopping. I was able to buy some really random presents that went down a treat. This was made possible by the shear volume of items that has at its disposal.

Also, given the time of year, it was important I could be assured all my packages would arrive in time to be wrapped. The speed at which orders landed into Parcel Motel was simply amazing. Most of the items, even after the cost of a stay in Parcel Motel and shipping from the UK were substantially cheaper than shopping on the high street.

How much does shopping with Amazon Prime in Ireland cost?

The total cost of each order will vary a small bit, but as I mentioned above, it’s usually much cheaper than standard high street shopping. Down to some crafty timing, I did all my Christmas shopping with the Amazon Prime Trial. That meant I got all the benefits of a premium account for free. Once you sign up for the trial you can even cancel it immediately and still enjoy the full 30 days of premium membership.

Once you have finished your free Prime trial, you can choose a subscription that suits you. Amazon has softened up their structure a little but. Previously, you could only sign up for the service annually at a cost of £79 (around €100). Now, to compete with the likes of Netflix payment structures, you can pay monthly and get Amazon Prime with Prime Video for just £7.99 per month. To you and me, that’s about €9.50 per month.

Read on as we demonstrate how you actually save a fortune by adopting Amazon Prime.

How much can you save with Amazon Prime?

When you are shopping on Amazon in Ireland, free shipping is often an option on certain items. On others, you can expect to pay anywhere up between €15 and €25 for delivery alone for an average order. For this type of order, you will also be getting standard shipping, meaning you will likely be waiting over a week.

If you opt to shop with Amazon Prime in Ireland, you will get free next day shipping to your virtual UK address. Being realistic, this is two-day shipping as it does need to be relayed around a little. The price of a package staying in Parcel Motel is €3.95, so if you were to have a few packages a year delivered from Amazon UK to Ireland, you’d be saving money pretty quickly. On top of that, you’ll often see Amazon Prime items offer some sort of small discount on the normal price too.

Can Irish customers return items to

Fortunately, I can vouch for the returns process being brilliant. If something breaks or needs to be returned, Amazon doesn’t care that you purchased using a virtual address. Services such as Parcel Motel provide a reverse system where you can return items, though remember this will cost a couple of euros. I can testify to Amazon’s brilliant customer care though, as they did refund me the cost of my order and any Parcel Motel costs that were incurred in returning the item.

Summary of shopping with Amazon Prime in Ireland

While the process may not seem straight forward at first, there are huge benefits to shopping on Amazon Prime even if you are living in Ireland. If in doubt, why not head on over to Amazon and try out a free 30-day trial? I can personally vouch for the whole experience being great, though be warned you’re likely to end up buying items you never even thought you needed.

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  • Anna O’Byrne

    How can you watch amazon video in Ireland?

    • Martin

      Hey Anna. Sorry, we weren’t back to you faster! We recently wrote about how you can watch the Grand Tour on Amazon Prime video. The same process can be applied to the lot!

  • Shane

    Great review Martin thanks. Do you know if the Amazon prime student offer (6 months fee and half price thereafter) is available to students in Ireland?

    • Martin

      Thanks for the feedback Shane! Unfortunately, Amazon Prime Student isn’t available in Ireland. You need to confirm your college email address and I believe the UK have set requirements for UK emails. So Irish ones won’t work.

  • Gerri Nordell

    My dear granddaughter is freezing her toe off in Galway. I would love to send her a hot water bottle to keep her warm, but when I order from US to Galway Prime Amazon rejects. How can I get a lone bottle and cover over to her as a surprise?

    • Martin

      Hi Gerri. I’d recommend trying to order using instead. You might not get your usual Prime benefits, but they should be able to deliver to Ireland.

  • Steve ASY

    Amazon music will not work for me. I was told by Amazon support that I need a uk payment and not from an Irish bank. The parcel motel address was fine. But amazon music will not work because of this unless I go down the vpn route

    • Martin Pea Meany

      Sorry to hear Steve. Hopefully all the other elements work ok.

      • Steve ASY

        There might be light at then of the tunnel. I have signed up to revolut app. It gives you a uk top up visa card. Going to give it a go 🙂