With the rip-roaring success of the Top Gear inspired Grand Tour, Amazon Prime Video has officially landed in Ireland. While slow to launch an official Irish Amazon store which led to this our virtual UK address trick, Amazon’s increased activity means they’re is really pushing their video streaming service in Ireland. You’ll have spotted their ads on TV and on buses but with no shortage of services vying for your money, here’s what you need to know about Amazon Prime Video.

How much does it cost?

There are a couple of ways you can enjoy Amazon Prime Video. If you are only interested in Amazon Prime Video, it will cost you €5.99 per month. To celebrate the Irish launch you can enjoy your first six months for just €2.99 per month. If you are already an Amazon Prime customer, video streaming is included.

Unfortunately, to get the most out of Amazon Prime Video, you’ll need to contact customer care. They’ll update your location settings with the taking about five minutes. It’s time well spent as it unlocks loads more content for you to enjoy.

How can I watch Amazon Prime Video?

The most popular methods to view Amazon Prime Video is with your laptop, smartphone or tablet. You will be able to stream on devices like Xbox One but often will need to set your console to the UK to get the app. For now, if you have something like an Android box, you’re laughing.

To sweeten the deal a little further, you can also download Amazon Prime Videos and watch them later. This is a feature Netflix only recently introduced which is great for travelling.

Is Amazon Prime Video better than Netflix?

Both video streaming services are locked in a vicious battle at the moment. Original programs are being thrown out left, right and centre by the two. At the moment, Netflix is in the lead, especially with the recent addition of video downloads. With that said, Amazon does give you some great original programming, unavailable anywhere else.

What can I watch on Amazon Prime Video?

Like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video provides you with a selection of popular TV and movies. Here’s our selection of top shows you can enjoy today:

The Grand Tour

We showed you how to watch The Grand Tour a while back. This article proved popular with Top Gear fans were hungry for Clarkson, Hammond and May. Now, it’s much more straightforward as all you need is a Prime or Prime Video membership to watch the show. Once you nail that much, you can enjoy the famous three touring the world every week. Lots of laughs, expensive cars and slightly cringe-worthy celebrity deaths.

Man in the High Castle

amazon prime video man in the high castleThis is a cracker of a show that came in somewhat under the radar. Man in the High Castle appealed to the nostalgic side of my youth, playing games like Wolfenstein. The show is set in a world where Hitler and his Nazis won the war. Following day-to-day “American life” in an Axis controlled world is fascinating.

Mr. Robot

Amazon prime video fscociety mr robotSometimes, television can actually be art. Mr. Robot will have you covering webcams and downloading encrypted chat apps in no time. The series follows Eliot, a cyber security specialist losing grasp of reality. As he does, hacktivists crash the banking world. Mr. Robot is arguably the best thing on Amazon Prime Video.


Startup wants to be Mr. Robot. It’s not quite as good but tries to make up for these shortcomings with lots and lots of sex scenes. A worthy watch to pass the time and to get more from your membership. Pretty sure you could play some sort of drinking game based on the amount of riding in the show too.

After a long wait, we can finally watch Amazon Prime Video in Ireland. It might not be the smoothest transition if you’re a Prime member already, but it’s worth the effort. If you’re new to it all, enjoy a free trial and discounted first six months. Yaay!


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