Just because ol’ Saint Nick is a jolly fat man doesn’t mean we need to be too. There is a perception that technology has turned us into a generation of lazy fat slobs, however in some cases technology has been utilised in the fight against the gut, with MyFitnesPal being one such example.

IIFYMMyFitnessPal is one of the most popular fitness apps available on both iOS and Android and helps people count their calories in an online diary, as well as keeping track of their exercise. What is really interesting about the MyFitnessPal app is the fact that it can be tailored to anyone with specific needs. Whether you are the casual evening dog walker or a selfie #iifym gym “enthusiast”, you’ll find the MyFitnessPal app has features that suit your needs. We didn’t even mention that it’s free yet –  a personal trainer without the soul destroying drill sergeant shouting and associated financial ruin that comes with it.

It is such a simple app to follow – login, fill in the form with your details like height, weight, target weight (whether it is up or down) and the app will generate your daily intake to help you reach your goal. All you need to do is input what you eat and when you exercise. Sounds complicated? Well you would be wrong, but they have made it even easier to track your intake. Simply type in what you’re eating or scan the barcode and MyFitnessPal knows the rest.

MyFitnessPalDo the same for your exercise. Input what exercises you have done in the form of sets, reps, weight or in the case of cardio, what you did, how long and intensity. One study of obese and diabetic people revealed that the use of self-monitoring of calories (going in and out), through “an electronic tracking program” or an smartphone app like MyFitnessPal, is effective in losing weight healthfully. The study stated that the digital calorie diaries are more effective than traditional self-reporting, because they give people direct feedback, and provides them with information about what is healthy for them specifically.

The only drawback comes if you are travelling, away from a data connection and this is required,  but if you’re on holidays, maybe it’s best you enjoy a little guilt free indulgence.

Calorie counting isn’t an exact science, what is more important is your nutritional intake such carbs, protein, sugars, saturated fats and the likes. MyFitnessPal is intelligent enough to break this down for you, offering total transparency into your diet – making me regret that Dairy Milk even more.

Guilty Chocolate

Let us know if you try it out, and please share with us how or how it did not help you to fulfil your personal weight loss and/or healthy lifestyle goals.

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