Back in the day, your phone had two distinct functions. Texting your crush, and crushing your friends high score on Snake. Now you can relive your youth.


No, we’re not saying your old crush is making a come back, but you can challenge your friends at Snake again. Snake ’97 is now available to download from the Google Play store for free and the App Store for 99c.

Screenshot_2015-04-09-21-32-03The app comes packed with all the best that Snake had to offer. You can play classic Snake that appeared on the Nokia 5110 or the ultra modern Snake 2 that appeared on the Nokia 3310. Let’s not forget Snake 2 came with bonus snacks and penetrable walls – ground breaking stuff.

Snake ’97 isn’t a new gaming app. The game has resurfaced largely due to this Reddit post.  The genius behind the app extends past simply being a game, to including multiple controllable Nokia handsets and the ability to share your Snake Top Score. You can finally earn the bragging rights of the playground you truly deserve.

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