All around Ireland this year, thousands of new phones will be booted up for the first time and new streaming dongles will be plugged in. You’re going to need a few apps to make the most of all this tech.

Showbox – Free TV and Movies


If you have an Android phone and have received the hot present this year, a Google Chromecast, Showbox is a simply must have app. It’s been going through some rather big updates recently, but the app has still survived. Showbox has reems of free movies and TV Shows for you to watch free online. When coupling this app with a Google Chromecast you can have one of the largest movie databases imaginable on your TV! We’ve already written about Showbox over here, giving the low down and a link to download it.

Netflix – TV and Movies on all Devices

Netflix Logo Goos3d

Netflix does not hold the most recent movies and shows, but it does operate is a less grey moral area as it is completely legit! It costs around €8 per month to run, but is well worth it. Netflix works on all major platforms including Windows and most games consoles. This makes it one of the best entertainment apps to view on your big screen at home. It is also compatible with the Google Chromecast. You can download Netflix for Windows Mobile, Android and Apple products for free (subscription required).

Pic Collage – Bring your snaps to life

pic collage logo download

We’ve never at such an ability to capture every single moment in a picture. There are countless apps to snap those moments, worthy mention to Instagram, but in compiling these shots, Pic Collage is brilliant. The app allows you to make stylish collages of your favourite pics. Typically, this will probably be a collection of sleeping relatives with Quality Streets on their stomachs, but still, a fun app! Pic Collage is downloadable from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.


Dubsmash – Fun with voice-overs


A guilty pleasure. Completely cheesy and completely stupid, but it’s good for a few laughs on Christmas day after a few drinks! Dubsmash allows you to record a well-known sound clip over a video of yourself miming to it. So simple, but fairly entertaining! Dubsmash is available from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Jamie Oliver Apps



While we love promoting free apps, Jamie Oliver’s collection is premium, but worth it and very popular. There’s no turkey on display here, but the app will give you some great ideas and bring you through each recipe step by step, making it difficult to go wrong! You can also add recipes to your shopping list to make sure you have everything. Check out Jamie’s website to get it latest apps.

Etsy – Unique Gift Ideas


If you have checked out our Christmas Tech Gift Ideas and feel that something a little more handmade or personalised is what you’re after, check out the Etsy app. If you are still struggling to get some last minute bits and pieces together you might just get the idea to save your some hassle! Etsy is available from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Heads Up


If ever there was a game that sums up being stuff with chocolate and realising there is nothing decent on telly. Heads Up is great craic and brings Charades into the 21st century, while also recording you playing. The game has a seemingly never ending amount of genres and don’t worry, you get your very own tutorial on how to play from Ellen DeGeneres. We do recommended your phone is in a good case like an Otterbox…just to be on the safe side. Heads Up is available from the Google Play Store for free and Apple App Store for 89c.

Just Eat – Emergency Food


Burnt the Christmas Turkey and need a plan B ASAP? Well if there is a take away open nearby Just Eat will be able to place your order and in some places arrange delivery. Just Eat is also the saviour of many after a night on the sauce. So why leave the bed just to get the laptop to order. Get the app and just don’t lose your phone on the nights out! Just Eat is available for free from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

This is by no means a complete list, so if you have a favourite app pop over to our Facebook page and leave us a message!




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