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Once you decide you take your lunch, a mental countdown clock starts. You have to get everything done, feed yourself and relax. There’s nothing worse that some of that time being taken by someone complaining about their sandwich ahead of you in the queue. Bamboo is a new app, launching in Dublin, that is looking to give you some of your break back.

What does Bamboo do?

Bamboo partners with various eateries like Kr├╝st Bakery around Dublin, with even more promised to join soon. The benefit of Bamboo is having your order complete before you even visit to collect your food. Once you place your order, you’re given real-time updates on its progress.

If you are using the Bamboo app to order and collect your food, you can even skip the queue. Payment is taken through the app, so all you need to do is skip, state your name and collect. As you order, you’ll also earn loyalty points which will be automatically redeemed with future orders.

Will the app takeoff?

I can certainly see the benefits of Bamboo being appreciated by those working in Dublin City centre. On the surface, it certainly feels like a nifty way of saving a few minutes on your lunch break. Us Irish are a strange folk though and we don’t like change. I can already see a few awkward situations where people are wondering who’s skipping the queue. Chances are a few people with Bamboo orders won’t charge to the front either. Also, I’m left wondering how well this will work during a busy lunch time rush.

As with all new things, we’re left with speculation around how well it will operate. Fortunately, we don’t have too much longer to way. You can download Bamboo now to whet your appetite. They will also be announcing new partners prior to launch, which you can check out on their site.

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