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buy the samsung galaxy note 8 in ireland

Where To Buy The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 In Ireland

Twelve months ago, I was incredibly excited about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 launching in Ireland. I definitely didn't predict the well-known events that...
a properly parked bleeperbike

BleeperBikes: Reviewing Ireland’s first station-free bike sharing service

We've already dived into why BleeperBikes are different to Dublin Bikes, but we wanted to go further and see if they are any good....
Nokia 3310 relaunch in ireland

How to buy the Nokia 3310 in Ireland

In a world where mobile smartphones are becoming increasingly complex (to the point where they have so much going on that they overheat, catch...
facedance challenge

FaceDance Challenge Is The Latest Viral Sensation

Every couple of months, a new hashtag challenge takes off online. Sometimes it's for a good cause, like the 'ice bucket challenge' while other...