Dublin Smartphone Film Festival

We recently put together our mission statement for Goos3D. Sure, we love having the craic but there’s actually a motivation behind everything that we’re doing. At the core of it all, we want everyone to try out new things with technology. That’s why we’re delighted to announce that Goos3D will be joining forces with the Dublin Smartphone Film Festival as an official media partner.

What is the Dublin Smartphone Film Festival?

Set to take place in 2018, The Dublin Smartphone Film Festival is Ireland’s latest International Film Festival dedicated to filmmakers exclusively using mobile devices. The festival will screen a host of short film, documentary, animation and music videos, with industry and educational workshops as well as a few surprises.

We love the idea behind this festival as cinema-quality cameras are accessible to everyone these days. That’s no exaggeration either. Martin Scorcese once insisted on using footage filmed on an iPhone in a brief scene for the Wolf of Wall Street using an iPhone.

The goal of the festival

We’ve partnered with the Dublin Smartphone Film Festival because their goals are so close to out own. Smartphones and tablets have removed the expensive barriers to filmmaking. Mobile devices offer all the tools a filmmaker needs, right there in the palm of their hand. The festival’s mission is to encourage the next generation of filmmakers to share their stories and to provide them with a platform to present these stories to a wider audience.

Categories in the 2018 Dublin Smartphone Film Festival

The festival is accepting submissions now for 2018 in these categories:

  • Grand Jury Prize
  • Best 360/VR Film
  • Cinematic Film Award
  • Best Irish Film
  • Best Animation
  • Best Fiction
  • Best Music Video
  • Best Documentary

and entries should be no longer than 15 minutes long and will be charged a small submission fee, with submissions passing through the festival’s Film Freeway site. Judges will be on the look out for strong concepts, originality and inventive use of technology. There promises to be awards and prizes in each category with every submission getting feedback.

When does the festival take place?

The festival will take place in January 2018. There’s plenty more news to be announced in the coming weeks and months. To keep up to date, give the official festival page a like on Facebook and check out the festival’s site.

We’re extremely excited to play a part in this festival, so keep an eye here too as we’ll be bringing you tips, tricks and apps that’ll help you in your journey towards becoming a great movie maker.


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