I honestly remember thinking the voice controlled home was such a cool idea. From a young age, I had some sort of voice recognition software installed on the family PC. Man, has it come a long way in just a few years. I recently took a close look at the Amazon Echo and the Echo Dot to see which one you should buy.

What is the difference between the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot?

This is one of the most asked questions when it comes to these devices. The biggest differences are the price and the speakers. The Echo is considerably more expensive that the Echo Dot:

Normally, such a large price difference is justified by some fairly hefty hardware upgrades. I’ll admit the speaker on the Echo are great and plenty loud. But, the Echo Dot does have a speaker built in that’s likely to meet your needs. Even if not, just use your savings to buy a better speaker for it to run on. Honestly, the Echo just has a better speaker, but not a large wad of cash better.

Well, that’s pretty straight forward then?

Yup, it really is. The Echo Dot does everything the Echo does. It just doesn’t pack the punch in the speaker department. Even with that said, in a small apartment, the Echo Dot will hold it’s own playing dinner time Spotify playlists. You can also connect the Echo Dot to other devices by Bluetooth, a feature not available on the Echo.

How can I get the Echo Dot in Ireland?

There are a few options available to you. It’s not officially supported in Ireland, but you can still get the Echo Dot and get it up and running. You can read our article dedicated to getting your hands on the Echo Dot to learn more.

Bonus: Martin compares the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot


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