eir customers can enjoy free BT sport

In an increasingly competitive market battling for the attention of broadband customers, eir are now offering customers free BT Sport. If you’re not a customer, take a moment to think what broadband your parents have and get excited.

eir maintain the largest market share of broadband in Ireland. According to ComReg, 33.9% of home broadband connections in Ireland are connected with eir, though they have been seeing a decline over the past few years. Still, according to the same report, eir boast almost half a million customers: that’s half a million people who can now access free BT Sport.

What’s included with eir Sport?

eir Sport is the other major sports viewing package along with Sky Sports. These are always sold separately, which is a massive frustration for many who can shell out over €100 a month and still miss key Premiership football matches, depending on rights. eir Sports includes eir Sport 1, eir Sport 2 (these are formerly Setanta Sports), BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2 and BT Sport: all of these coming in HD too. There are also six BT Extra channels for when there is simply too much sport on.

Who can get these channels?

While most people can get these channels, the real question is who can get them as part of their existing package. Existing eir broadband customers rejoice as all you have to do is simply log into the eir website to view these channels. There’s no extra cost at all, it’s that simple. With a few clicks through the eir website, you’ll be viewing free BT Sport in no time.

With a little creativity, should a close family member have eir broadband and no be interested in sports, you should be able to attach one of your devices to their account. In total, eir Sports can be viewed on two devices per account.

How can I view eir Sports?

This is where eir have outdone themselves. They are much more than a simple catchy song and a shiny new logo.

Sorry. We know it’s taken almost a year to get that song out of your head.

You can enjoy eir Sport direct from your browser, though Firefox is pretty much the only one you can use (along with Internet Explorer, but still), through the official app (with the iOS version coming soon) or by linking your broadband account to your Sky viewing card number. This last one is genius.

How do I link eir Sports to my Sky account?

It’s shocking, but the answer to this in short is “very easily indeed”. If you or a close family member intends on enjoying eir Sports through the app or your browser, then it would be an awful shame to not link the sports package to someone’s Sky account. (It’s ok, we all know this goes on in families: looking at you Netflix freeloaders).

Head on over to the dedicated space for Sky customers with eir broadband. Then simply log into the account with the bill payers permission, type in your Sky viewing card number and click continue. Within seconds, you’ll have full access to the eir Sports package (lets not forget that includes free BT Sport) on your Sky box. Magical stuff.

eir have come out all guns blazing in what looks to be a very competitive broadband market. This will only continue to get better for us all. If you needed any further evidence that eir mean business, they even have Riyad Mahrez and Ian Madigan heading up their new TV spot.


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