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We love our retro gaming in Goos3D Tower. That’s why we were knocking down doors to get into Token not so long ago. For me personally, gaming was my gateway into computers that led to my love for technology. I had an Amstrad 464plus which came with a book full of code. You’d have to make your games, line by line before you could play them. Before that Amstrad, my family had an Atari, so of course, I’m excited to hear there’s a new Atari Box on the way.

What is the Atari Box?

Until today, little was known about what the Atari Box would be. In an email, the company revealed their plans “to create something new, that stays true to heritage, while appealing to both old and new fans of Atari.” Essentially, it appears that Atari’s plan is to emulate what Nintendo did last year with the NES Classic, something they will repeat this year with the SNES Classic.

Atari-2600-Wood-4Sw-SetThe Atari Box takes huge inspiration from the original console which featured a gorgeous timber frame, like the one above. Though I will admit, I had the slightly less cool version:

Atari Box Specs

There’s not a lot confirmed, but early images do have a few giveaways. We know there’ll be two models, one in traditional timber and another in orange. The box will come with four USB ports, HDMI support and an SD card, suggesting the console will be open to adding games.

Images even seem to suggest LAN support, which could be for updates or badass multiplayer gaming perhaps?

When You Can Buy the Atari Box in Ireland?

Atari has decided to keep the public up to speed with progress. This is a great, transparent way of moving forward. It does, however, mean we’ll only be hearing about developments as they happen. Atari have yet to announce launch dates, prices or even what games will be available.

We’ll be updating this post with more information once it becomes available.

In the meantime, Atari feature as one of the huge ads that appear in the next Blade Runner movie. I’m in retro heaven for the next while and completely trust Ridley Scott to nail this. Here’s the trailer, see if you can spot Atari:

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