Update: While much of this is still true, you can now buy a Google Home or Home Mini directly from Google or many Irish retailers as it’s officially on sale here now. Here’s the latest news on how to get a Google Home in Ireland.

Ireland is great for many reasons. We’re great craic in big tournaments, we’re on our own island and generally speaking, we’re liked in other countries. One downside to Ireland is how long it takes Irish retailers to stock the latest tech. We’ve already looked at how to get smuggle an Echo Dot into the country, but now we check out how to get a Google Home in Ireland.

What is Google Home?

Google Home is a smart speaker built by powered by Google’s smart assistant. You catch its attention by saying “Ok, Google…” and either issuing a command or asking a question. Google Home is somewhat similar to Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot. The main difference is the Echo and Echo Dot being more Skill (read app) based than Google’s Home device.

The appeal of voice-controlled speakers has increased in recent years with a sharp increase in smart devices in the home. For example, with a Google Home, you can use your voice to turn up the temperature if you have a Nest heating system.

Where to Get a Google Home in Ireland?

As was the case with the Echo and Echo Dot, getting these voice-powered devices in Ireland can be quite a task. Unlike the Echo and Echo Dot, there are a few Irish retailers that have the Google Home, even though Google doesn’t officially support the device in Ireland yet.

Littlewoods Ireland

One of the top places to pick one up is Littlewoods Ireland. They’ve stepped up their smart home section in recent years and you can pick up a discounted Google Home from them for €140. Have a look around when you’re there as they now have some great smart home tech from smart plugs to smart bulbs.


If for some reason, you need a Google Home in a hurry, Maplins is your best bet. While they’re far from nationwide, they do have a great selection of gadgets, so put aside an extra half an hour for browsing.

If you pop into one of Maplins’ Dublin, Limerick, Cork, Louth, or Galway stores, you can pick up Google’s smart assistant for €130.


While not always the case, Amazon.co.uk would work out to be the more expensive option to pick up a Google Home in Ireland. The exchange rate is up and down, but with Parcel Motel factored in the Google Home would likely set you back €150. If you’re shopping on Amazon though, why not give a Refurbished Echo a shot? As always, here’s our guide to shopping on Amazon.co.uk with Parcel Motel and how to use that ‘free UK delivery‘ trick.

In short, voice search is only going to get more important in Ireland. We’re slowly getting over our awkwardness of talking to gadgets. But as that rewards us with more and more convenience, people won’t be embarrassed for much longer.

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