Google have just launched their latest handset, but if you’re hoping to get the Google Pixel in Ireland, it’ll take a little effort.

Pixel is unlikely to be for sale in Ireland

Google Pixel replaces the Nexus as the behemoth company’s flagship smartphone. Fans of Google smartphones will be aware that it’s rather difficult to actually get your hands on the Android founder’s phone. While the older Nexus models are available in the likes of Argos and the Pixel tablet can be found in Currys, there are no Irish retailers dedicated to selling Google’s smartphones from launch.  That doesn’t mean you can’t get the Google Pixel in Ireland.

Get the Google Pixel in Ireland via the UK

Sure, the Brexit train rolls on, but for the foreseeable future, ordering from the UK to Ireland isn’t a big deal. There are a few places where you can order the Google Pixel from. If you look around the UK sites, the likes of and While it will be available from EE, they will only offer on contract.

get the Google Pixel in Ireland through Currys UKOrdering from UK sites like Carphone Warehouse can be a little tricky. Their terms and conditions do state you must be within the United Kingdom to use their services. Often, ordering with a UK Parcel Motel address lets you sidestep this, but some users highlighted their experience of canceled orders. Currys UK are included in Parcel Motel’s list of stores that works well with UK delivery to Ireland. That means you can get the Google Pixel in Ireland for £599.99 plus €3.99 delivery to Parcel Motel.

Of course, you might also be able to trick your way through to the UK Google Store using some sort of VPN, but unfortunately, Hola won’t work.

When is the Google Pixel available in Ireland?

Well, as we said, it’s unlikely that the Google Pixel will be available in Ireland anytime soon. It will, hopefully, be available through the suppliers listed above from October 20th.

What will be available in Ireland from the Google Store?

Google are selling the new Chromecast Ultra and Pixel C tablet from their Irish store.

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  • Liam

    You forgot one of the most important parts. The phone will be available in ireland via the google store. Well, actually via and pre-order from there.

    Ireland is not on the list as one of the initial countries of release however it will more than likely be available by early november to purchase.

    • Martin

      Hi Liam, we will be writing another article once it’s available via the store. This is more for the really impatient people (like us) that really want the latest smartphones as quickly as possible!

  • Kevin Ponseel

    What about ? I would prefer to order from them…
    Still not in their listing

    • Martin

      Hey Kevin. No confirmation yet, but it will almost certainly be there at some stage. The old Google Nexus is available there, so even if there’s no love lost between the two, it should be there eventually.

  • Niall

    What about purchasing it in the US from the Google store. I’ve a trip coming up to the US. Will the US phone work here?

    • Martin

      Hi Niall. Once it’s SIM free, you just need to double check the banding compatibility. Most Irish networks are either band 3 or 20. It looks like the Pixel will support both of those. Here’s some links that might help you.

    • cga

      I have a trip to the US and I was thinking of getting the Pixel, then bring it to Ireland

      Called google to hear what they had to say

      First the warranty for PIXEL is only within the country you buy it so you lose warranty
      Secondly customer service told me I had to tell emigration at the airport about the phone, otherwise the phone will lock and will get a black screen, this is to avoid people from buying pixel at a cheaper price in another countries (He thought he was talking to a child I believe)

      I rather to pay a litter more and get it in UK

      The phone from USA will work in europe

      You can check the bands here

  • Kevin

    My payment keeps failing on the UK sites as they force a UK billing address. Any ideas?

    • Martin

      Hi Kevin, you could possibly try using Parcel Motel? Link below for some more info. Thay will give you an UK address but deliver to a locker here in Ireland. Not everyone will deliver to these lockers though, but it might work.