I don’t make my efforts to learn German for many years a secret. What I will be keeping secret is how annoying it is knowing that I never had to learn a word in the first place. Google has just launched the Pixel 2, which is a fairly boggo standardo phone as phones go. The other hardware launched by Google stepped up the game a little, but nothing impressed like Google’s Pixel Buds.

What Are Pixel Buds?

Right, so the Pixel 2 went the way of the iPhone and killed the headphone jack. Google could only pull this off if they had some pretty kick ass wireless earphones make up for that. Sure enough, they delivered. The Pixel Buds are wireless-ish, meaning the only cable connects the left and right earbuds. This actually works to your favourite as a clever bit of design means you can actually use that wire to tuck the bud into your ear. Other than that, you’re relying on Bluetooth to connect everything together.

The buds come stored in a pack which recharges the buds up to four times on the move. The gadgetry doesn’t stop there as the buds also come with Google Assistant built in. While we’ll need to have a better look, first impressions are good with Google Assitant launching fast upon tapping the bud in your ear.

Now, of course, I wasn’t going to bust out an article on just a pair of earphones now was I?

Live Translation: We’re Living in the Future

Here it is. The inevitable reason why I shouldn’t have wasted a second learning more languages. Google’s Pixel Buds provide users with a lightning fast translator at all times. You pop in the buds which can translate forty languages within a second or two in a language you understand. When you speak back, your Android smartphone will translate your spoken language into that of the person you’re conversing with.

How to Get the Pixel Buds in Ireland

If you’ve already read about the Pixel launch last year and the Pixel 2 launch this year, you’ll see where this is going. Right now, you’ll have to try and pick up the Pixel Buds through An Post’s AddressPal service which gives you a virtual US address. We’ll keep you posted with local availability in Ireland.

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