Searching for cheap flights can be a maze, which is why Google Flights was launched for Irish users recently.

What is Google Flights?

Google Flights provides you with a hugely powerful search engine for flights. You enter your preferred travel details. Google then does all the donkey work and returns an overview of prices to each airline.

Preview of Google Flights

Once you’ve assessed the available flights and are happy with your airlines, the service will prompt you to book. This is done directly with the airline, so Google has nothing to do with it. Once you book one, you can return to the screen below to book your second flight.


Why use Google Flights?

You can spend as much time as you like trawling through all the airlines in the world looking for cheap flights. Or you can let Google do it for you. For years many have suggested using incognito mode while booking flights. The idea is that airlines like Ryanair track you returning to their site to increase the price. Google should discredit this theory with their travel service, or at least give you a smarter way to beat it.

If you adjust your own online flight booking habits slightly, you’ll benefit greatly. Google Flights lets you track prices, with updates going to your inbox. This will tell if you if there is a sudden price drop or increase so you can react quicker. Google Flights also lets you know if you might there are cheaper flights on a similar date. The service goes even further now, warning you of previous trends where prices normally increase.


As cliché as it may sound, why wouldn’t you use Google Flights? The best feature simply has to be the ability to track flight prices and get warnings for price increases. By giving new technology like this a try, you could save yourself a nice bit of cash!


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