The Google Pixel is a funny old phone in Ireland. There was a huge amount of interest from Irish people looking for an alternative to Samsung and Apple. Unfortunately, there were no retailers ready to stock this market shaking smartphone. It was still possible to get the Google Pixel in Ireland and that what was one of our most popular articles last year. With the sequel expected to launch later this year, here’s how to get the Google Pixel 2 in Ireland.

When will the Google Pixel 2 launch in Ireland?

Even through all the craic of Google I/O recently, there was no talk of the Pixel 2 at all. It’s not too surprising as the first Google phone only launched in October 2016. We suffer from the added unknown of whether or not the Pixel 2 will even launch in Ireland. It’s a waiting game for now, but you can expect news to start breaking by early October this year. Boss of the Google Pixel, Rick Osterloh, all but confirmed to Android Pit that there would indeed be a follow-up smartphone this year:

There is an annual rhythm in the industry. So, you can count on us to follow it

He then cut the cryptic language, following up with “you can count on a successor this year, even if you don’t hear a date”.

Leaks have begun, with Android Police releasing this image of how the Pixel 2 could look:

leaked google pixel 2So, what will we get?

Rumours: What will feature on the Pixel 2?

With nothing yet confirmed, all we have to go on so far are rumours. Here’s the most exciting chatter on the web about the Google Pixel 2.

It’s not going to be cheap

The next Google Pixel will not be cheap, possibly even hitting €1,000 on the nose. Irish people will likely have to buy the phone in full without the ability to pay it off over time with a contract.

No headphone jack

Yes, many an Android user may have to eat some humble pie. The madcap removal of the headphone jack would appear to be happening with Google’s next smartphone too.

Waterproof smartphones

The next Google Pixel is expected to be as dunkable as a digestive biscuit. Waterproofing is a more standard feature these days with Google set to come up to speed with the Pixel 2.

It won’t take a Pixel 2 to Tango

Project Tango is a really exciting project from Google. It’s all about augmented reality and it insanely powerful. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely to be ready for Google phones this year.

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