The simultaneous launch of so many Google products is a stroke of genius. While many organisations have been developing products and services to cater to the consumer’s needs, Google sat back and observed. With their findings complete, today Google shared the fruits of their labors – starting with Google Pixel.

Google Pixel is set to take on the Apple iPhone 7

Moving away from the Nexus branding, the Pixel, created by HTC, was clearly out to take on, and make fun of, the Apple iPhone 7. Look no further than the colour range on show to get how far Google are willing to take the piss taking.

While introducing the Pixel, the Google team really went after the features Apple had bigged up on their flagship. When Apple claim to have “DSLR-like” photo capturing abilities, Google’s Pixel received an endorsement from DXO – camera quality benchmark specialists.

Three other shots were fired across the bows of Apple at the Pixel’s launch event. Google took aim at the industry leaders by highlighting their inclusion of a 3.5mm headphone jack and loads of memory for images. Finally, Google would finally appear to have moved Google Now into a position where they can take on Siri. Now titled Google Assistant, the event centred largely on this service.

With the cheap shots aside, the most impressive feature listed today was a particular battery stat. With a fifteen minute charge, the Google Pixel will last for 7 hours. Madness.

Google Daydream View is set to take on the Samsung Gear VR

The Google Pixel is the first phone to be Google Daydream ready. Google setting the standard for an industry is nothing unusual – just look at Android. In order to enjoy Google’s VR platform, you’ll need a phone that’s ready and the Google Daydream View headset. The Daydream View has been designed by Google to mimic materials people actually wear; not gadgets and tech stylings. As a result, Google Daydream View is lightweight and comfortable, even if you wear glasses.

Google pixel is the first smartphone compatible with google daydream view

Google have taken their time and really removed the niggles from their VR headset. Not only does it look much more comfortable, the Daydream View is also remarkably simple. You pop your phone in and close the flap. The phone connects wirelessly and auto aligns the screen to the lenses. Beautiful piece of work which solves a frustration we’ve seen with countless VR headsets to date.

Google Home to take on Amazon Echo

It may look like a simple speaker, but the Google Home is set to become the nerve center to your home. Building on the importance of Google Assistant, Google Home is a voice-controlled helper around the home. Connect to Spotify and control playback by speaking with the unit.

If you have privacy concerns, you can mute the mic and should design is an issue, unlike the Amazon Echo, Google Home is customisable.

Other than these devices, Google announced a new Chromecast capable of streaming 4K and a home WiFi solution. There’s plenty there to keep appetites whetted for the time being anyway.

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