This time of year in Ireland almost certainly means you’ll be out having a few jars! Plan to get home safely with Hailo.

Within the next two weeks, chances are you will need to get from A to B with a taxi, but why pay full whack? Hailo are one of the most generous operations. Whether it be a sporting event or a cultural night, Hailo often hand out discounts “- be sure to get over and follow the Hailo Twitter account for that!

For the time being, we’re going to make it a little easier to get up and running.

Free Hailo Vouchers and Promo Codes

For your first ride with Hailo, you can save up to €20 by using the promo code HAILOPRESSIE. All you need to do then, is book a cab and pay by card. Remember this Hailo discount code will only work for first time users and it expires midnight 22nd December, but do keep an eye out for freebies and othe discount codes on the Hailo Twitter account.

This voucher code will work with any first time Hailo user’s account. Share this post to share the discounted trips!

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