If you are asthmatic and have a smartphone with a nice camera on board, you are unlikely to see the appeal of the HTC RE Camera. Nonetheless we’ve given it the GOOS3D hands on treatment, in our first ever video review.

Don’t get us wrong. We love the HTC RE Camera. It’s a fun, no nonsense camera, that’s great to take on a sun holiday or out in the snow. It has a reasonable battery life that delivers around an hour and a half of HD Video recording, and yes, the image quality is quite good. It was a genius move by HTC to ensure that the RE Camera was compatible with iPhone.

That price though.

€170 direct from HTC is just simply too steep. We love this camera. It ticks all the boxes, except value. If you can pick up the HTC RE Camera second hand or on special offer, it would absolutely be worth around €100. So keep an eye out!

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