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Back in February, we reviewed one of our favorite gadgets; the InvizBox Go. This little black box makes browsing the internet on open WiFi connections much safer. Just a few months ago, we said the InvizBox Go was bringing online privacy to the masses. Simply put, no other device on the market was making online security so easy.

As simple as the InvizBox Go was, you would still need a small bit of technical know-how to run the device. Unfortunately, that’ll always be a side product maintaining online privacy, right?

The Democratisation of Online Privacy

Online privacy is a bit like an intermittent toothache. Thinking about it makes you sweat but you have an amazing ability to tune it out too. TV shows like Black Mirror and Mr.Robot are making people more aware of online privacy, making them less likely to tune out their online anxieties. Instead, people are looking for solutions they understand and this is where the next InvizBox project will excel. In simplifying online privacy, InvizBox is democratising online security for everyone.

InvizBox 2

InvizBox 2: Democratising Online Privacy for Everyone

The InvizBox Go, designed to be a mobile device, requires a certain level of setup; connect to box, connect the box to WiFi and make sure everything is set correctly. It’s incredibly simple, relative to the amount of privacy that offers.

The InvizBox 2, designed for use in the home, is plug and play. Yes, the most beautiful words in the techie’s language; plug and play. Pop an internet cable from your modem into the back of the device along with a power cable and the InvizBox 2 is up and running. All the privacy settings are already preloaded in the box itself, meaning as soon as it’s up and running, you’re protected.

What Does InvizBox 2 Do?

What you do online is nearly always being tracked. For example, while it’s anonymous, we track how long you read this page so we know how good our content is. While harmless, you should have the right to opt out and that’s what InvizBox 2 offers. InvizBox describes using their product as being along the same lines as putting mail into an envelope. It’s all about blocking prying eyes.

With all of the privacy features, InvizBox 2 also includes DNS based ad blocking. That’s a really fancy name for reducing the number of ads you see online without having to install anything in your internet browser. Think of it being like pausing a show in Sky and then later, remembering you can fast forward the ads.

Why Get the InvizBox 2

The Dublin-based startup has made waves in the online community with their easy to use security devices. Right now, the team are finalists in the Mobile World Congress 4FYN in San Francisco and were recently chosen as one of thirty finalists in Google’s Adopt a Startup. These are ringing endorsements for a young company creating gadgets that will be in every home within a few years.

We’re not just saying these because we’re on a big fire safety buzz lately, but online privacy devices will become as commonplace as smoke alarms. Putting off learning how to secure your internet connection at home was, to a certain extent, understandable until now. The InvizBox 2 makes securing your home internet connection so simple, there are no more excuses.

How to Get the InvizBox 2

InvizBox has just launched their latest crowdfunding campaign to get this product off the ground. This will be their third campaign after successfully crowdfunding the first InvizBox and the InvizBox Go. You can back the Invizbox 2 on Kickstarter now.

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