Griffin bluetooth adaptor

Rumour has been rife in the build up to the next iPhone that Apple will opt to remove the headphone socket. Now, an accessory from Griffin seems to confirm it.

Death of the headphone socket

When the world adopted micro-USB, Apple opted to create the lightning connector. Now when the world moves towards USB-C, Apple are keeping the lightning connector and ridding their phone’s of headphone sockets. Audio should now instead be either passed through the lightning connector or Bluetooth. The former means extreme quality possibilities while the latter means no wires. As unusual as the idea is, killing the headphone socket is a good idea.

What’s the big deal with Griffin’s accessory?

You’ll rarely, if ever, see a new phone launch without accessories to compliment it. From protective cases to chargers, new phones need new toys. For these to be ready at launch, manufacturers like Apple release certain specs and requirements to accessory creators. Griffin’s creation of the Bluetooth adaptor would appear to be further confirmation that the traditional headphone socket is now a thing of the past.

Griffin Bluetooth adaptor

Griffin Bluetooth adaptor for iPhone 7 to replace headphone socket

Griffin’s simple Bluetooth adaptor allows you to use your favourite headphones with the next iPhone even if it doesn’t have a headphone socket. Better still, it only costs £19.99 and is available to pre-order on Amazon.co.uk. Griffin’s Bluetooth adaptor would appear to be specifically designed for use with the impending iPhone 7. The small device will work with other devices, is compatible with Siri and operates over a distance of 15 meters.

We can now leave behind us all the drama of Apple deciding to rid the world of 3.5mm headphone sockets. It’s a step towards better quality and getting more people to go wireless.


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