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Smartphones and social media have given rise to the latest generation of celebrities in Ireland. For some strange reason, us Irish just seem to love a good Facebook page. Like, remember that time mass kicked off? We set out to find Ireland’s funniest Facebook pages.

Kilkenny: Fupin Eejits

The Fupin Eejits are three Kilkenny lads who’ve nailed going viral. Actually, so much so they had a documentary made about them called ‘Gone Viral‘. The three mental health nurses began building their empire on Vine where videos like this ‘gas’ helium balloon clip got noticed around the world. This clip has almost 50 million loops on Vine:

Many learned the harsh lesson of building an empire on the borrowed land of social media when Vine closed down earlier this year. The Fupin Eejits had reacted quickly and have generated a following of 90k on Facebook. The Fupin Eejits made headlines again recently with a serious video drawing on their mental health background and featuring their trademark humour:

The Fupin Eejits are well worth one of your Likes on Facebook. They videos they churn out are hilarious, a mix between giggles at both modern life and Irish nostalgia. Like who doesn’t remember there being a video man?

Tipperary: The 2 Johnnies

As if producing hurling geniuses wasn’t enough, Kilkenny and Tipperary are churning out great Facebook comedians too. The 2 Johnnies rose to fame with their appearances on RTÉ’s All Ireland special ‘Up for the Match’. Here, they showed off their musical talents, creating a belter of a tune for Tipps All Ireland charge:

As a Kilkenny man, I can tell you that’s like nails on a blackboard for me, so they obviously achieved their goal. Then continued down the road of creating a few GAA related hits, the latest of which was their look at children’s dreams of playing county:

The 2 Johnnies are no strangers to the classic viral comedy clips either. They’ve captured every single moment that every teenage disco had. Honestly, right down to the “will you shift my friend, no? Right, will ya shift me?” detail:

Kilkenny: Simple Craic

Kilkenny alone is throwing out some of Ireland’s funniest Facebook pages and Snapchatters. You may recognise Shane O’Keeffe, better known as Simple Craic, from his several appearances with the Fupin Eejits. Actually, there’s a fair chance you just recognise him from his own work like his piss-take of that ‘pineapple pen’ song:

That’s far from the only time Simple Craic has been on the ball with trending piss-takes. Shortly after a Kerry shop posted two chickens having a gawk, Simple Craic was on hand to make some improvements:

Kerry: Tadhg Fleming

Clearly, our scientific research as shown there is some sort of comedic culchie correlation going on. Kerry’s Tadhg Fleming is probably one of the fastest rising funny Facebookers out there right now. So fast, we actually just added him to the list. He’s got the added benefit of a clearly mad family supporting his efforts. Not sure I’d like to see my Dad with… well, I won’t ruin the surprise:

Tadgh also has a typically Irish outlook on what’s going on in the world. You’ll probably find it rather interesting that he’s also spotted that weird yellow thing in the sky this week:

And as with all Facebook comedians, Tadgh is quick off the blocks with his stuff. One of his latest videos rips the piss completely out of the mental fidget spinner yolks that are sweeping the nation. What the bloody hell are they anyway?

Have we missed one of Ireland’s funniest Facebook pages?

We don’t claim this to be an exhaustive list. Let us know if there’s an Irish Facebook page creating great original comedy and we’ll give them a feature.

Update: We’ve added in Tadhg Fleming, a gas huar from Kerry.



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