loud bangs at EURO 2016

During Russia versus England and Turkey versus Croatia, we’ve spotted a question popping up on Twitter: “What are those loud bangs at EURO 2016”. Given the events in Paris late last year, it’s understandable why such noises within a stadium would raise eyebrows.

What are those loud bangs at EURO 2016

In short, the loud bangs are caused by fans with flares.

You would be forgiven for thinking, like we did, that flares just make that whoosh sound when being lit, but there are also models which are extremely loud. These models also look similar to handguns, with those untrained in the areas unlikely to spot much difference.


Are flares banned at EURO 2016?

Flares, along with many other similar devices are explicitly banned from being brought into the stadium. This is what worries many onlookers. Given the terror threat that surrounds the tournament, many are asking just how such explosives are making their way into the stadiums. We’ve heard two explosions and it’s just day three of EURO 2016.

Regardless of the tense context the tournament is being held within, flares are banned for safety reasons. A typical flare, once ignited, burns at an incredible 1,600 °C: something you would much rather not come into contact with.

During matchday two, a flare believed to have been fired from a Russian Ultra group towards English supporters.

Idiotic actions of minorities within the stadiums have left many questioning how “heightened” security is at EURO 2016.




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