Regular readers of Goos3d will know that we’re big fans of wearables, in particular the Pebble and since earlier this week, the Pebble Time. Huawei have just announced their latest range of Smartwatches, and it’s very interesting!

Huawei SmartwatchesWhat’s so striking about Huawei’s range of Smartwatches is that…well…they look like watches -and classy watches at that.

Taking Apple’s approach to watch naming, the Huawei Watch, running Android Wear, aims to bridge the gap between Smart and non-Smart watches, opening up the market to more users. Initial reactions would seem to agree that they are on the way towards achieving this.

If Huawei can continue their tradition of delivering quality on a budget, the Huawei Watch could be the missing link for the success of wearable technology.

A nation holds it’s breath.


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