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Marvin, (as in starvin’ marvin) an online service allowing users to order takeaway online, is set to launch this May. The one thing you should “takeaway” from reading this, is why this is a good thing.

marvin order takeaway online

Here at GOOS3D, we admit clicking on JustEat on a far too frequent basis. Afterall, it’s a great service that makes the awkward call to the chipper redundant. Since late last year however, JustEat have been operating with no competition. Running unopposed brought JustEat to raise commission charges to their restaurants, which you can be sure has had a knock on effect on customers. Enter Marvin.

Marvin entering the market is good for everyone, except perhaps JustEat. Marvin will allow consumers to order takeaway online, but go further in offering better value and perks.

First of all, Marvin will charge their restaurants a lower commission. Meaning lower prices all round for customers. Secondly, loyalty will be rewarded. Marvin’s Managing Director, James Galvin, recently speaking with Journal.ie outlined the loyalty scheme...

We have a loyalty reward system, so for every ten takeaways you get a free one, it’s just one of many ways the restaurant and consumers get a better deal – James Galvin, MD Marvin

You can admit it too – ten takeaways will happen sooner rather than later, so sweatpants at the ready please.

We’re going to leave it there for now, until we can actually try out the service. However, we’re pretty confident this is going to be a good fight, as Marvin has some of JustEat’s founding members onboard and a lot of backing to boot.

Marvin launches in Dublin City on May 11th before a larger rollout nationwide. We’ll be keeping a close eye, so check back here for the latest. You can also register to find out more as it happens by visiting their pre-launch page.

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