An Post, the Irish postal service, have a reputation for their ability to get every letter and package to its destination. We are also fiercely proud of their abilities, to the point where other countries don’t understand our “just get it to Ireland, the they’ll know what to do with it” approach. One man has taken it upon himself to test An Post’s delivery abilities, and is documenting it all on Tumblr.

An Post Delivers a Dice #meversusanpost Meversusanpost, or David Curran as Mashable have reported, started out with a simple enough test; a dice with parts of the address written on each side. Two days later, the dice arrived at it’s destination, prompting David to become increasingly creative in his tests of An Post.

The vast majority of his tests, including a toilet roll featuring the works of W.B Yeats, a letter with the address hidden in crossword clues and another with the address hidden in a jigsaw puzzle, reached their destination rather promptly. Ironically enough, a one of the more simple ones, a transparent sheet with an address on it, has yet to be delivered.

Certainly a glowing reference for An Post so far, who are willing to solve puzzles, rather literally, to get letters to their destination. However, it’s also apparent that An Post’s knowledge of their customers is frightfully good.

With an extremely cryptic address, this letter was returned to sender; no surprises there. However, David didn’t put a return address on it. It was also addressed to him by name. You guessed it, he never put his name on there either. David posted on his blog that this may be An Post’s way of saying “we know where you live”.

The Trials of An Post

The Crossword Puzzle: Delivered

The Dice: Delivered

The Mirrored Address: Delivered

The W.B Yeats Toilet Roll: Delivered

Mobius Strip: Not Delivered

The Invisible Letter: Not Delivered

The Barely a Letter Letter: Delivered

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