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It’s the little things and small conveniences that are likely to make you smile throughout the day. One modern marvel is contactless payments. Who knew that typing in four numbers was such an inconvenience, which thankfully we rarely have to deal with any more. In a similar vein is wireless charging. Much like 3D glasses, many thought it would be a short lived gimmick, but sure enough it’s still here and getting better by the year.

Thanks to Mobile Fun for hooking us up with the Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Pad to review.

A brief history of wireless chargers

Wireless charging, also known as inductive charging and commonly recognisable because of the Qi standard, is not exactly a new idea. In fact, some of the earliest experiments on the subject came from the man himself, Nikola Tesla. It’s a simple enough concept which seems completely unnatural, but fundamentally relies on electromagnetism to work. Modern adoption of wireless charging has increased owing to growth of smartphone usage. The modern phone battery has a limited capacity, even more so than feature phones than came before them. To combat such limitations, making charging easier has become a priority for many manufacturers: namely Samsung and Nokia/Microsoft leading the charge, so to speak.

The Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Pad

Samsung Wireless ChargerThe Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Pad is a particularly good example of how good wireless charging actually can be. Samsung have managed to combine wireless charging with what is perhaps their flagship device’s most underestimated feature: fast charging.

Fast charging does exactly what it says on the tin. From a zero charge, handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S7 can go from 0% to 50% in just thirty minutes. Fast charging is also much smarter as Samsung created “adaptive charging”, so once you reach 100%, it stops ensuring the battery cells are allowed to rest. Recently, Samsung released, you guessed it, the Fast Charge Wireless Pad.

The benefits of the Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Pad

The fast charge pad means no more plugging in and unplugging to check notifications or answer calls. It also reduces the stress on the charging cable, meaning you should drastically reduce how many cables you go through (a feature we know Apple users would appreciate). This is the third rendition of wireless charger from Samsung and you can really see how they are learning as they go. The first wave were a little bit smaller, meaning the charging sweet spot was smaller. The latest device is a little bit bigger, ensuring you are more likely to get a charge once you place your device in the cradle.

This particular model of wireless charging pad has the additional benefit of doubling as a stand: great beside the bed for charging while you watch Netflix or YouTube.

The negatives of the the Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Pad

Such a convenience doesn’t come too cheap, particularly if you are looking at the official Samsung merchandise. Then again, for some, there is great solace to be taken in the Samsung logo appearing on a charger.

Samsung Adaptive Charger-h600What was a little disheartening after opening the packaging, was that despite the price, you still must use the wireless pad with the adaptive fast charger you found when you opened your Samsung device for the first time. This is a real pity as these aren’t too easily found on the high street and also don’t come too cheap, usually weighing in around €30. The wireless pad will work with other chargers, but in order to avail of fast wireless charging, you must combine the pad with the official Samsung adaptive charger.

If you like to have the best tech or tech that makes like that little bit easier, then your should get this. Once you have a wireless charger, you will no longer need to attempt plugging in your smartphone 3 times even though there are only two ways to plug in a micro USB charger. You can pick up the Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Pad from Mobile Fun for €58.49, saving 25% on the RRP.

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