Tapping your card for small payments has become second nature rather quickly. Now, we’re even tapping our phones. Typing a pin number gets added to the list of first world problems we now must endure. With added convenience often comes added risk, which to these Dutch gadget makers meant opportunity. There was a gaping hole in the market to be filled by the Secrid wallet.

Are contactless payment cards safe?

The are not as secure as you may think. It is great to be able to tap and go when picking up small bits and pieces, everyone can agree to that. Such a convenience doesn’t require a pin number or authentication. Naturally, this means relaxed security and as soon as there is a skip in the security track, you can be sure scam artists will know about it.

Thieves have developed a method of exploiting the nature of RFID, the technology which makes fast and convenient contactless payments possible. By simply tapping a skimming device against your wallet, taking the maximum allowed amount – usually €30.

What is Secrid?

secrid wallet launching cards gifSecrid is a simple and stylish Dutch solution to the problem. Secrid is a wallet which utilises aluminium design to protect your cards from would-be thieves with RFID scanners and you, from sitting on them and bending them. The finer details of the wallet come from the really cool (or not, it’s subjective) mechanism which launches cards for you to make payment. You don’t even need to remove the card from the wallet for contactless payments.

There is a wide range of Secrid wallets to choose from, with designs that can hold over 10 cards, coins keys and loads more. To be hypercritical, they don’t hold many coins unless you opt for their new Cardslide range. This comes with a much larger compartment for coins and notes.

How much does a Secrid wallet cost?

You are looking at around €60 for a Secrid wallet, but they are gorgeous, premium feeling wallets which you can expect to impress others and last for a very long time.

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