I recently wrote about how talking to devices wasn’t going to be weird for much longer. Well, South Park just took the piss out of smart assistants, from Amazon’s Alexa powered Echo to Google’s Home. Once South Park is ripping you out of it, your time for the big leagues has come. The age of voice search is here.

Alexa, What Happened in South Park?

South Park Season 21 returned in a typically South Park fashion. The creators took on tiki torch wielding racists in America and every smart assistant under the sun. How could they possibly link these two items…

they took our jobs gif

Yup, sure enough, red necks of the south don’t appreciate all these fancy smart devices coming in and taking everyone’s jobs.

Ok, Google: Why is that So Funny?

The real laughs come about because Cartman and his friends love nothing more than making their Amazon Echo say loads of rude bits and pieces. There was no avoiding it…

Indeed, my Echo Dot kicked off almost immediately following the commands of the South Park characters. It set alarms, said good night, added undesirables to my shopping list among other things.

There were some other funny bits, but I’ll leave them for when you watch the show itself.

You can catch the episode in full on Comedy Central, Friday 15 September.



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