Every now and then, Irish mobile networks do something magical for bill pay customers. They change your contract. When a network changes your contract, you have 30 days to leave. Yup, no joking. You can leave your contract and keep your phone. Over 950,000 Three customers can leave their contracts for free and keep their phone.

What is Three Ireland’s contract change about?

If you’re a Three customer, there’s a massive chance this contract change impacts you. When asked about contacting customers, a Three spokesperson told us they “are starting to communicate with affected customers this week”. According to ComReg “those affected” could amount to over 950,000 Three bill pay customers. Don’t dismiss the likelihood that this affects you if you’re a Three Ireland customer.

The change itself is an extra €5 per month for Three bill pay customers. If you are on their popular €40.66 per month plan, from 3 April 2017 this will now cost €45.00 per month. You can find more information, hidden away on Three.ie. In Three’s defence, this is the first price change they’ve had in a few years and it’s not huge. According to a Three spokesperson, the change comes as “a direct result of the increase in costs of doing business”.

Can I leave my contract with Three for free?

Absolutely. Three remains one of Ireland’s more competitive network providers. But, the contract change does mean you can leave your contract for free. Three have stated they will contact you, but don’t wait around for them. There are several members of Boards.ie starting threads asking for information on the price hike. These questions are being quickly marked as “resolved” to avoid discussion building momentum. Here’s a great example of their tight-lipped online approach to customer care:
There has also been confusion around another change affecting a smaller number of customers. This has led some to believe they won’t benefit from this larger change. Honestly, act fast. From the day they notify you, the clock starts ticking. You can only leave your contract with Three within 30-days of them notifying you.

Do I have to give back my phone if I leave my contract?

There has been no official line from Three on this. We asked and Three told us the notification to customers would “include all the relevant detail on how the changes affect them”. The communication will also contain “how they can contact our customer care team to discuss those changes”. It’s extremely unlikely Three will ask customers to send back smartphones. They’re all used and useless to them. It would be terrible customer care. In the past, various similar events with other networks left customers with their phones.

Do I have to leave Three?

Not at all. First of all, you don’t really have to do anything. It’s just a nice handy way to leave your contract. But why stay in contract when you don’t have to? You can contact Three, request they move you to prepay and then do what you like. The best advice we can give is to try out various SIM only plans – we’ve picked out the best ones.
Use our handy calculator to weigh up if bill pay or prepay suits you better.

This all sounds too good to be true

That’s exactly what Three are hoping you’ll think. There’s no harm in giving them a shout to see if you can leave your contract. Moving to a SIM only plan could save you a small fortune and you can keep the same phone.

How can I cancel my Three contract?

It’s simple really. Contact Three. Obviously expecting a few extra calls, they’ve set up a dedicated team. Free phone them on 1800 818 021. You can also Talk to Three on Boards, but they’re pretty tight lipped over there. You’ll be doing well to find info on their site either.
Three customers can leave their contracts for free

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  • Ordinary_Joe_Soap

    I am one of the Three customers affected by the price change and intend exercising my option to cancel my contract without penalty. In the letter received today I was advised to contact a Freefone number. I have been trying this number since early morning but cant get through, there is now a recorded message informing me that the number is “out of service”. Is there another way of contacting them or can I email??

    • Goos3D

      Hey @Ordinary_Joe_Soap:disqus – thanks for your message. It’s down to the volume of calls they’re getting! We’d recommend keep on trying – you do have a fair bit of time to get it sorted (30-days from notification). Could you drop us an email on [email protected] please?

      • Ordinary_Joe_Soap

        Little point in calling an out of service number

        • Goos3D

          Looks like they’ve taken the number down temporarily to work on it @Ordinary_Joe_Soap:disqus – We contacted and were told they “are having an issue with the number at present and are working to have it back up and running as soon as possible.”

          • Ordinary_Joe_Soap

            And they have the temerity to call this “customer service”. They surely must have been expecting a customer backlash to this whole exercise? Why did they not allocate sufficient resources or provide other contact channels. Why can’t I email my cancellation?

          • Goos3D

            On the call, they will make a couple of offers. To be honest, some of the offers are pretty decent! Give us a like on Facebook – we’ve seen lots of positive stories of people leaving their contracts there. Three seem to be handling this pretty well (even if their phone systems haven’t!)

      • Colin Keogh

        083333333 works to cancel

        • Goos3D

          Thanks @colin_keogh:disqus – we’ll update our article later with this!

  • Michael Sheehan

    Hi just wondering if meteor is doing the same

    • Goos3D

      There are rumours that something similar could be happening. It would seem less likely as they already have roaming within their plans, but give us a like on Facebook. If it happens, we’ll announce it there!

  • David Amos

    Is it the same rules no matter what contract your on? I’m on a 55 euro contract and just received letter to say it’s being increased to 60.