There’s something very therapeutic about watching items such as the Apple Watch being destroyed in super slow-motion.

 So sit back and relax while watching our favourite Will it Blend moments.

Will it Blend: Nokia 3310

We’re going to start with the most controversial. Following this test, Blendtec we’re called into disrepute amidst claims their blending videos were completely fake. Who could blame such accusations, as we see a mind-bending feat? A Nokia 3310, reduced to dust. To this date, the most controversial Will it Blend to date.

Will it Blend: Chuck Norris

With the Nokia under its belt, Blendtec turns their focus to Chuck Norris. Is nothing sacred…

Will it Blend: Glow Sticks

You’re probably sitting there thinking “what use is all of this”. So let’s be more practical. Imagine you’re stuck in the wilderness, needing a twelve-hour lantern, and all you have is glow sticks and a Blendtec blender. We’ve got you covered.

Will it Blend: Golf Stuff

A little birdie told us that this blender is at least on par with the rest of the market. Ok, that’s awful, but check out these two golf related smashings.

And remember. Don’t breathe this.

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