When was the last time you when a few days without WhatsApp? That app has changed everything about how we communicate. I have a fun fact for you. WhatsApp was never meant to be a messaging app.

But WhatsApp doesn’t do anything else?

WhatsApp does have one other feature. You probably only used it when you downloaded the app – WhatsApp Status. Back in 2009, when the app was created, this was actually all it did. It was a super simple way to tell your friends and family what you were at.

whatsapp status

This is the reason for the name WhatsApp – you were saying “what’s up”. There was none of this “but they were online” or “they’ve seen my bloody message” nonsense. Anyway, the brains behind the app have wanted to upgrade the WhatsApp status for years. Irish users can now use the new status features, which may look a little familiar.

What’s up with the new WhatsApp Status

The new status lets you share an image or video with your contacts. This status is a snapshot into what’s going on in your life. It’ll remain in place for 24 hours – visible only to those you pick in your security and privacy settings. Once you’ve captured your photo or video, you can add emojis, text or draw freehand. Isn’t this a totally unique way to keep your network up to date with your life?

No actually, it’s really like Snapchat

It’s that obvious, is it? Well, WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s social network behemoth has been targeting Snapchat for a while now. Facebook has added the stories space to the top of the mobile app. An identical feature now appears in Instagram too. Okay, so I’ll admit that they’ve failed miserably in my network to get people on board …

facebook stories not popular

WhatsApp status is another attempt by the powers that be in Facebook to take on Snapchat. Is Snapchat in any danger?

I thought WhatsApp video would be the reason we all finally start video calling each other. That explosion didn’t happen, most likely because everyone knows WhatsApp does one job brilliantly. We’re happy with that. so I’ll risk saying WhatsApp Status won’t take off either.

Check the iOS and Android store for your update.

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