I’ve had my eye on a few Asian brands in recent years. You see, it’s easy to get pretty tired of the same old same old when it comes to the mobile market. Apple’s iPhone X was supposed to be the next big thing but is rumoured to be now ceasing production. Samsung’s Galaxy S9 in a great phone but only if you haven’t upgraded in years. iD Mobile should have spices up the service side of things but proved to be quite the flop.

I’m sure I was excited about all of these potential game changers at some stage, but none quite as much as the latest player to emerge. Xiaomi is coming to Ireland.

Who or What Is Xiaomi?

Xiaomi is a smartphone and gadget company. Unlike many smartphone manufacturers, Xiaomi was born in the smartphone age dating back to just 2010. What sets them apart from other manufacturers like Apple and Samsung is the huge amount of bang for buck you get with the Chinese smartphone maker.

While Irish prices for their range of phones, and actually their range of phones is still a mystery too, you can be sure a Xiaomi flagship smartphone will cost at least €250 less than the cheapest competitor on the Irish market.

Now, a bit more about why I’m talking about Xiaomi Ireland.

Xiaomi Ireland and Three Mobile

Xiaomi is a young company and yet they are one of the top five smartphone manufacturers in the world. That’s ahead of heavy hitters Samsung and HTC who have a decent foothold in Ireland despite only starting to sell outside China three years ago.

You might see why I’m excited. I’ve been following this company for a while now and their value versus quality makes me think this could be the company to really shake up the Irish market. And that’s about to become a reality.

After confirming Three and Xiaomi would be teaming up in the UK, it has also been confirmed that the duo will pair up in Ireland too.

Three is Trailblazing

Three has spotted that there is a growing appetite in Ireland for something different. This year the network also introduced Razor to the Irish market, an extremely impressive gaming smartphone. Three is clearly out to offer shoppers something different and this partnership with Xiaomi could make the biggest impact yet.

I’ve yet to see exact timelines as to when Xiaomi Ireland becomes a reality, but it’s in the very near future. Give us a like, follow or subscribe to keep up to date with the very latest as this develops.

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