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At the recent Web Summit, it was made abundantly clear that the likes what we consider futuristic technology, is in fact much closer than we may think. One fine example of this is virtual reality, which is now supported by YouTube.

Google Cardboard GIFYou’d be forgiven for thinking virtual reality may be here, but the headsets are far too expensive. Not the case. Sure enough the heavy hitters like Oculus Rift are pretty pricey for people to jump on the bandwagon, but thanks to Google and the common smartphone, everyone can experience virtual reality (VR) for under €30.

The Google Cardboard programme came about as a result of Google I/O in 2014, with the story appearing to surround Google’s desire to make Oculus Rift look over priced. Whatever the reason it was created, Google Cardboard is the easiest and cheapest way to get a VR experience in your own home. Once you have the cardboard device, you simply slot your smartphone into it and the apps do the rest of the work. Simples!

Which leads us onto apps; the reason we’re here. YouTube now fully supports virtual reality, meaning any video at all can be watched through these headsets.

We highly recommend getting your hands on one of these VR headsets as there are more and more services going to be available through these in the coming months, with YouTube sure to be a catalyst for adoption. The New York Time has just given a set of VR headsets to each of its readers to enjoy their selection of VR videos.

5 Best uses of VR so far…

google cardboard app5. Google Cardboard App

The app that started it all! The Google Cardboard app will demonstrate how the product works, bringing you on a Google Maps tour and other bits and bobs. This is an great way to get up and running.

zerolight4. Selling stuff

We recently caught up with the guys from Zerolight who specialist in creating fully customisable 3D renders of cars so that you canenjoy an immersive experience of your car before you order. Imagine being able to see that horrible red and blue combination mistake before you order it!

Real estate agents are already experimenting with this kind of stuff too, with only the cost of video capture standing between VR and wide spread adoption. With 3D printing and GoPro cameras making leaps and bounds and reducing these costs, it’s only a matter of time till this becomes the normal way of going about buying a house.

3. Interactive media

As mentioned above, the New York Times have got the ball rolling on this one. Telling harrowing stories from around the world through an immersive medium such as VR could change the way we absorb the news on a daily basis.

2. Porn

Classic tech rules apply. As soon as something is developed, we will find a way of using it for sex. Point of view pornography is already enjoying the move to virtual reality. Better still, the Google Cardboard device only needs one hand to use, so you know…that’s practical.

One of the most viral things to come from the advent of VR so far is this video clip of eldery people watching VR porn.

1. Gaming

This one is pretty obvious, but gaming is the central focus for the likes of Oculus. However, this cheaper and adoptable Google Cardboard platform is not without charm. Simply play Sisters and you’ll quickly see how immersive VR gaming can be.

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